24 dic. 2010

Campanitas, campanitas...

No quería irme sin hacer esto.
Asi que sere breve y lo superare...


Si es asi...
Por que probar un poco de:

Marcus J. Kennedy presenta
Canciones para tener
una linda y sana Navidad!

1.- Julian Casablancas - I wish it was Christmas today

Alegre, navideña y es Julian Casablancas! Es genial...

I wish it was Christmas today, oh, oh
All those boys and girls
In every nook and cranny of this crazy ass world
I want it, I want it,
I want it, I want it

2.- The Killers - Don't shoot me Santa

Serpientes, cactus y planicies aridas.
Perfecta para una Navidad en el desierto.

Don't shoot me Santa!
I've been a clean boy
I promise you
Did every little thing you asked me to
I can't believe the thins I'm going through

3.- Within Temptation - Gothic Christmas


We're gonna have a gothic Christmas, that's what we'll do.
We're gonna have a gothic Christmas, hope you have one too.

4.- Lady Gaga - Christmas Tree

Siempre me sube el animo, es sexy y falala lala laa lala la laa!

Ho ho ho under the mistletoe [Ra pa pam pam]
yes, everybody knowa [Ra pa pampam]
we wiññ take off our clothes [Ra pa pam pam]
yes if you want us to we will


Feliz Navidad les desea
El Principio de Incertidumbre!

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